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1 Oct 2014          
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China may free voice UI from same old siloes  30 Sep 2014
ZTE spearheads standard for voice control for mobile web, but for now the fight is between Cortana, Siri and Google Now
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Recent Rethink Wireless
  Intel adds Spreadtrum to its Chinese power base  29 Sep 2014
  Vodafone holds fire on UK quad play, eyes BT  29 Sep 2014
  Brazil LTE auction unlikely to hit revenue target  25 Sep 2014
  Tim Cook faces another bungled software launch  25 Sep 2014
  CTIA Super Mobility Week round up  25 Sep 2014
  Ericsson and ALU said to partner in Mexican bid  24 Sep 2014
  ARM pushes microcontrollers up the performance league  24 Sep 2014
  Israel set to drive Intel's push to 10nm and IoT  23 Sep 2014
  Telematics West Coast USA 2014 Releases Sample Delegate List  23 Sep 2014

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