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6 Oct 2015          
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Featured Rethink Wireless
Qualcomm's 820 has heavy burden as modem market tightens  5 Oct 2015
Marvell is latest in a line of casualties of the handset modem space, Snapdragon 820 should restore Qualcomm's fortunes
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Recent Rethink Wireless
  Carriers will harness 3G spectrum to reach gigabit LTE  5 Oct 2015
  Mellanox targets telcos with EZchip buy  5 Oct 2015
  Google snatches RCS initiative with Jibe purchase  1 Oct 2015
  Microsoft and Google lay down their IPR weapons  1 Oct 2015
  MediaTek assembles its IoT ecosystem  30 Sep 2015
  Nexus: Google pitches its own take on Android  30 Sep 2015
  Five years on, Nexus will fulfil its disruptive potential  29 Sep 2015
  HEVC Advance backtracks on content fees  27 Sep 2015
  As 3GPP bickers, LPWA specialists still gain ground  27 Sep 2015

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