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25 Apr 2015          
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Featured Rethink Wireless
Smartphones still boost ARM, servers a long haul  22 Apr 2015
Processor IP giant says it is on track to steal up to 10% of server market next year, but for now mobile and IoT are the golden eggs
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Recent Rethink Wireless
  Broadcom starts to bounce back from modem failure  22 Apr 2015
  Will smart cities thrive better than muni WiFi?  21 Apr 2015
  IBM boosts Apple's healthcare ambitions  20 Apr 2015
  Alibaba expands into smart home and car  20 Apr 2015
  Apple buys camera array start-up  16 Apr 2015
  Google faces Android probe in Europe  16 Apr 2015
  Samsung to create exclusive iPad screen?  15 Apr 2015
  Nokia confirms ALU deal, will pay €15.6bn for market lead  15 Apr 2015

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