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25 Jan 2015          
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Featured Rethink Wireless
Samsung couldn't axe Qualcomm if it tried  22 Jan 2015
Snapdragon 810 reported to have lost Galaxy S6 deal, but switching the whole line to Exynos would create worse problems
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Recent Rethink Wireless
  UK operators step up rural data initiatives  22 Jan 2015
  Beacons grow up with huge Shazam deal  20 Jan 2015
  Samsung loses share but HTC is fighting back  20 Jan 2015
  Google to buy SoftCard m-payments venture?  20 Jan 2015
  Mobile chips create $4bn black hole in Intel's results  19 Jan 2015
  Telefonica in talks to sell O2 UK to Hutchison  19 Jan 2015
  Huawei bucks low-margin trend with 17% growth  14 Jan 2015
  IoTivity throws down gauntlet to AllSeen  14 Jan 2015
  Ericsson and Apple at war over patents licensing  14 Jan 2015

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