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5 Aug 2015          
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Featured Rethink Wireless
Could Qualcomm be acquirer - or prey?  2 Aug 2015
If the chip giant decides to break up, Intel could pursue the technology arm, or Qualcomm could go after Nvidia or NXP
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Recent Rethink Wireless
  French operators can refarm 1.8 GHz for LTE  2 Aug 2015
  Samsung leads charge away from smartphones  2 Aug 2015
  Samsung Q2 results still down, S6 price adjustments inbound  30 Jul 2015
  Motorola bypasses US carriers as they look to exit hardware  29 Jul 2015
  BlackBerry may launch just one handset a year  24 Jul 2015
  Nokia gets European green light to buy ALU  24 Jul 2015
  Weightless SIG unveils second would-be standard  24 Jul 2015
  Qualcomm swings the axe after steepest sales drop since 2009  23 Jul 2015
  Google rumored to want a stake in LG  23 Jul 2015

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