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31 Oct 2014          
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Facebook warns of "more difficult" quarter ahead  30 Oct 2014
Current quarter shows strength of its new mobile model, but Wall Street disappointed with forecasts
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Recent Rethink Wireless
  Germany aims for second digital dividend in Q215  30 Oct 2014
  Cisco and Sensity partner on smart street lights  29 Oct 2014
  US slowdown hits Ericsson's quarter  27 Oct 2014
  Microsoft Garage becomes multi-OS incubator  26 Oct 2014
  India's 2015 auction risks being bungled  23 Oct 2014
  Nokia grows sales for first time since 2011  23 Oct 2014
  Yahoo insists mobile strategy is working  22 Oct 2014
  UWB's dream is still alive in micro-location  21 Oct 2014
  EU averts telecoms trade war with China  21 Oct 2014

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