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25 May 2015          
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Huawei unveils 10Kbytes LiteOS for IoT  20 May 2015
Designed to bridge the gap between RTOS and full-scale mobile platforms, new OS aims to simplify development of connected apps
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Recent Rethink Wireless
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  US disruption threatens as Altice buys into cable  20 May 2015
  Vodafone's European storm is abating  20 May 2015
  Hutchison seeks Italian merger, new UK funding  17 May 2015
  Is Qualcomm planning decacore riposte to MediaTek?  17 May 2015
  Qualcomm pushes AllJoyn to the heart of its IoT strategy  17 May 2015
  Solid results as Cisco CEO signs off  14 May 2015
  Windows 10 to come in seven flavors  14 May 2015

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